Cyanogen Imaging™ MaxIm DL : Updates and Trial Download

Try before you buy! We offer a fully functional, 30-day trial of MaxIm DL Pro Version 6.

MaxIm DL Version 6

To request your MaxIm DL Pro Demo please submit your name and valid email address. You will be emailed the required demo license and a link from which the demo may be downloaded (35 MB download).

The demo is the full MaxIm DL Pro product. For feature comparison with other product levels please see Feature Comparison Matrix.

Update MaxIm DL

To download an upgrade, please use the MaxIm DL Help menu Check for Updates command.

Current Release

For information on the changes in the current release, please view the Release Notes.

Equipment Drivers

In order to control most astronmomical equipment you will need to download and install the ASCOM Platform.

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