Quick Fringe : Quantitative Optical Wavefront Analysis

Quick Fringe is used to extract quantitative wavefront accuracy measurements from a laser interferogram. Interfacing with optical interferometers via a video camera and frame grabber, Quick Fringe produces accurate test reports with a minimum of effort.

Renowned for its ease of use, Quick Fringe has been used for applications ranging from telescope manufacturing to cross-checking Hubble Space Telescope instrumentation.

Version 4.5 includes DirectShow video capture support, fully customizable test reports, and built-in HTMLHelp. Quick Fringe 4.5 supports interferogram capture from just about any video source, including popular frame grabbers, FireWire video cameras, webcams, VIVO display cards, etc.


Key Benefits

  • Automatic fringe tracing with manual edit option
  • Quick and accurate analysis
  • User-configurable printed test reports
  • Directly captures frames from a wide range of video sources

Quick Fringe provides fast and accurate analysis of laser interferogram data. In this example, screenshot above, an interferogram has been auto-traced, analyzed, and the results displayed graphically and numerically.

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